"With L├ęger ... orchestras deliver exciting and lucid performances, often distinguished by their expressive content, coherence and refinement."
Fondazione RAS, Naples, ITALY
"This is the best sound I've heard ... not only painting Mussorgsky's florid musical images, but building triumphantly to the finale."
Austin American-Statesman, USA
"Extraordinary." "Charismatic maestro."
Oriental Television, Shanghai, CHINA
"Simply further evidence of an unusual talent."
Yale University, USA
"Rarely have I heard such emotion."
Franco Ferrara, Rome, ITALY
"Absolutely wonderful."
Prince Edward Island, CANADA
"My great pal, genius in music."
Lionel Hampton, New York City, USA
"When Francis Leger and Carole Lee presented their musical program ... deeper meaning could be found in the selections they played."
Killeen Daily Herald, USA